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  • Technology
The advanced CRDe engine measures every bit of fuel and combines performance with economy without polluting the environment. The Drive-by-wire technology aids in quicker and controlled throttle response. And the LSPV brakes aid in preventing wheel lock up and loss of control. Thar Gallery
  • Style
It retains the unmistakable Mahindra jeep identity with the classic looking MM540 body and grille. Apart from this unique identity, the tough steel body guarantees extended durability.

Mahindra Jeep Models

  • Safety
Powerful 9 inch booster with disc brakes in front and drum in rear 4wd high / low ratio for superior all weather and terrain traction. Thar Gallery
  • Comfort & Convenience
The new Thar CRDe model comes with factory-fitted AC and heater for you to reach your next off road destination in comfort. The Independent front suspension gives you a smooth ride and better handling. The vehicle boasts of an integral power steering with car like turning radius of 5.25 m. With compact dimensions of a small car it is convenient to park in the tightest spots. Feel the wind in your hair with a removable top. Thar Gallery
  • Off road ability
The legendary design gives you superior off-roading capability. It comes with BorgWarner 4wd system as a standard fitment. Tackles toughest of situations with 2.48 crawl ratio in low range. High approach and departure angle enables it to climb over impossible obstacles and superior traction is achieved with the help of long travel suspension. Thar Gallery
  • Colours
Available in five colours. Click on the thumbnails below to view.

     Thar Gallery                Thar Gallery                     Thar Gallery                Thar Gallery                   Thar Gallery
 Fiery black          Red Rage           Mist Silver       Rocky Beige        Diamond White
Thar Gallery
  • DI Engine
DI Engine is the most efficient and one of the best suited on the Indian roads which has been proven on Mahindra Major CL 550 and Bolero DI - India's Largest Selling UV  
  • Dependable
The Body strength of a MM550 couples with the DI engine give the vehicle ruggedness  
  • Power steering
Power steering is now standard on THAR DI 4wd and optional on 2wd variant. Power assisted steering provides ease of manevourability and helps in tight parking situations.  
  • Least Maintenance Cost
THAR Di can be attended for service deep in the hinterland thanks to its simple mechanicals. Cheaper maintenance and ease of spares availability means THAR DI keeps going even in the toughest of conditions.  
  • India's Most Affordable UV
At a price just over 5 Lakhs it is one of the most affordable UV on the Indian Roads  
  • Top Speed of 100 Km/h
With a Top speed of 100Km/h it easily cruises to many places without taking time  
  • Most Fuel Efficient Vehicle
Thar is the most fuel efficient UV on the Indian Roads. The ARAI approved Mileage being 18.06 Km/l  
  • Colours
Available in two colors. Click on the thumbnails below to view.

      Thar Gallery                       Thar Gallery
  Champagne                   White